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    About us

    With our coming-of-age, we’ve become all grown up, we’ve changed our logo to unify various brands, and diversified our activities within the field of production of all kinds of content. Music continues to be our main focus, but now we’re adding value to our offer, and by strategically allying with the great sound engineer, Mikel Krutxaga, through our Acorde division, we’re offering 360º musical supervision services. We’ve launched a new web platform where you can search for all the music and sound effects in our catalogues: Audio Network, AltMusic, &SFX, as well as sub-published independent music in just one place. We also continue to participate in content production through our production company AltContent; we won a small piece of the Goya awarded to Alberto Vázquez’s latest animation short film “Decorado”, and this has whet our appetite to keep rolling and learning. So here we are, we’ve changed a bit, but we’re still the same underneath. Follow us and we’ll keep you updated. Many thanks for sharing the journey with us.

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