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Traditional music played by musicians specialising in typical instruments from Basque folk music fused with more contemporary styles

Fusion of pop music sung in Spanish with other styles such as rumba, reggae or swing, with a powerful rhythmic base, loaded with percussion

Pop music sung in Spanish based on the greatest hits of “La Movida”, the cultural movement that swept Madrid in the early 1980s

Spanish Christmas carols played with traditional instruments and with traditional themes

Beautiful Fados with very raw instrumentation

Flamenco music, performed in some of the most popular flamenco styles

An atmospheric journey through the Middle East, with both modern and traditional influences. Over 30 original tracks

Oriental energies dominate this album with Western and traditional Chinese instruments

A resounding Indian flavour in this collection that also includes influences from Jazz, Spain and epic cinema

There is energy and romance in this collection that includes Flamenco, Rumba, Ibiza club and House

Traditional French music with accordion leads

From romantic Irish Flutes and a Portuguese Fado to Gypsy Jazz and a hip-hop Rain Dance

A collection of groovy sounds that mixes the intimate with the upbeat, relaxing guitar tracks with World Music influences. Over 35 original tracks

Psychedelic ambient vibes and downtempo beats permeate these hypnotic, dreamy instrumental and vocal tracks. Over 35 original tracks

A cheerful and eager album filled with experimental folk and country vibes that will help get your blood pumping