ALTMUSIC presents the music of CHRISTOPHE GOZE

An established world fusion and ambient jazz performer, Christophe Goze is a musician whose name is respected as widely as the geographical influences from which he hones his craft. With 6+ albums released, tracks on over 300 compilations and over 1 million copies sold, Christophe has become one of the leading future world and ambient musicians. Leading DJs and compilers as well as major labels around the world, have chosen his work to appear in their prestigious projects. Christophe also has a passion for film and has scored the music for many projects in Europe and in the USA.

We are proud to be able to work with this great professional and are delighted to offer you eight new albums of World Music and Chill Out sounds.

Click on each album title to hear Christophe’s music:

Arabic Traveller – An atmospheric journey through the Middle East, with both modern and traditional influences. Over 30 original tracks.

Asian Traveller – Oriental energies dominate this album with Western and traditional Chinese instruments.

Indian Traveller – A resounding Indian flavour in this collection that also includes influences from Jazz, Spain and epic cinema.

Mediterranean Traveller – There is energy and romance in this collection that includes Flamenco, Rumba, Ibiza club and House.

French Traveller – Traditional French music with accordion leads.

World Traveller – From romantic Irish Flutes and a Portuguese Fado to Gypsy Jazz and a hip-hop Rain Dance.

Jazzy Lounge – A collection of groovy sounds that mixes the intimate with the upbeat, relaxing guitar tracks with World Music influences. Over 35 original tracks.

Chill out – Psychedelic ambient vibes and downtempo beats permeate these hypnotic, dreamy instrumental and vocal tracks. Over 35 original tracks.

We will continue to add good music for synch in all kinds of content to our AltMusic catalogue.