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    Our production company


    We want to create content; all kinds of content and to make it attractive to everyone, from different transversal multimedia contexts. Our activities are based on talent search and innovation: we find and produce ideas and participate in new projects that we find interesting. 
    We are interested in all sorts of formats: shorts, publishing, training activities, videos, etc. We collaborate in initiatives and projects for leisure and entertainment. We facilitate meetings and synergies. Music Library offers you AltContent: Content Alternatives.

    Our projects

    Action! teaser video


    FormatAnimation Series 26 x 11’
    Target7-11 year olds
    Action! tells the story of Antoine, Audrey and Alfred, three 10 year-old children that had a normal life until they come across an object capable of transforming everything around them, capable of taking them to unexpected worlds and making them live the craziest experiences... a camera!
    Searching for broadcasters and coproducers
    Teaser video


    FormatDocumentary 40’
    Target20-60 year olds

    What could make Iñaki Plaza, instrumentalist, studious and lover of traditional Basque music, leave his hometown Orduña, the little town in Biscay with the largest proportion of musicians per square metre in the country? Maybe an unusual experiment.
    The experiment of grabbing a txalaparta, a tambourine and a trikitixa, key instruments in Basque traditional music, and setting off to Madrid.

    80% filmed and financed. Searching for pre-orders and distribution

    Music without boundaries

    FormatMusic Documentary Series 10 x 4’
    Target30-60 year olds

    Music Without Boundaries puts forward a trip through the least explored regions of the current musical scene. While most music reality shows offer a strand of identical singers and explore the shallowest and most mainstream part of the music market, MSF pays homage to true music, to the music that resonates from the deepest within.

    Searching for distribution. Other episodes available for production on demand

    Contact us

    Please write to us if you would like additional information regarding any of our contents.

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