Music for PODCASTS

Did you know that Spain’s the fifth biggest podcast consumer on the planet? Podcasts have become essential as creators of content of interest, reaching hearts and minds through the communication of both information and values. Without doubt, music adds value to this and any type of audiovisual content, but it’s also true that music-use and choice pose their own challenges, especially if the music you wish to use already exists or is commercial music.

For the last 20 years, Music Library &SFX has been offering quality production music for all types of content. The accessibility, variety and flexibility of use have lead our music resources to be the go-to option to simplify processes and limit production costs without compromising the quality of the final product. All our music, once licensed in accordance with the terms negotiated, is cleared for multi-platform use in all the world and forever.

Podcasters! We’d like you to know more about us so we’re offering trial access to all our music resources and also services of music supervision, without any obligation on your part. Furthermore, you’ll be entitled to discounts and other benefits if you take up our offer. To find out more: