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    AltMusic Prices

    Personal / Students

    Covers music for synchronisation in non-profit domestic/student productions or other home multimedia projects.
    Includes productions made at home or in educational, community or religious centres but not productions destined for public broadcast.

    You may distribute the finished audiovisual project among your friends and family, as well as festivals or web pages such as YouTube (not commercial/professional or promotional videos nor videos aiming at a general public communications - those platforms offer free resources).

    This usage type excludes any form of commercial exploitation or the promotion of a company or service.


    Professional not advertising

    Covers music to be synced with a single video made for professional purposes: promotion of companies, charities, brands, a videogame, an app or a multimedia presentation and allows dissemination and broadcast on social networks and distribution on audiovisual web platforms (YouTube etc.), DVDs and public acts.

    Likewise, this license covers music to be synced with a single production for TV, radio or cinema. Includes all the multiplatform distribution rights on the musical work and the sound recording, all around the world.

    Excludes publicity for cinema, radio and TV, retail sales or CDs and other storage systems.


    Professional advertising

    Covers music for syncing in a single advert for television or cinema or a radio slot.

    Includes all the multiplatform distribution rights on the musical work and the sound recording all around the world.

    Different versions/advertising campaigns will require separate individual licenses.


    &SFX Prices

    7.1 Holophone

    Special Prices

    Do you need a custom pricing scheme? We can adjust our prices to your needs. License packs, flat fees and many other options will allow you to optimise your budget to the fullest.